2. Painters Today | Process & Rituals: Susan Gunn

Episode 2. Painters Today Podcast |Process & Rituals: Susan Gunn  ‘Rituals, as markers of life, offer through their formality and relative fixity a means of measuring, mastering, and making sense of the world at large (…) Rituals vary from daily to multi-yearly, from simple gestures to complex performances, from split-second actions to processes lasting many… Continue reading 2. Painters Today | Process & Rituals: Susan Gunn

The Aura of Abstraction

The Aura of Abstraction: Why is abstract painting relevant in the 21st Century? Why paint an abstract painting today? American abstract painter Laurie Fendrich pondered this question at the end of the 20th century and believed she was defending, in the advent of video, movies and television, the ‘most difficult-to-understand and irrelevant kind of painting… Continue reading The Aura of Abstraction